We understand that our clients have the right to know what they are getting when they purchase our services so we have took upon ourselves to promise the following for every project :

Ensuring Quality

Project Planning & Analysis

All materials and client instructions received before start of the project are reviewed and conveyed from project management to the production at the initial stages before project takeoff. An accurate achievable estimate of the due date is made and reported to the client shortly afterwards. If anything is unclear with the instructions or anything seems to be missing our project manager gets back to the client for clarification and quick response.

Seasoned Typesetting Team

Our typesetting team is well trained in all typesetting tools in our offerings list and they have the experience to handle problems and additional requirements as they come. They also take great care in understanding all client needs to get the job done correctly, effectively, andin as few cycles as needed.

QC Specialists

All of our typeset files go through a strict quality control phase. Through following detailed quality control guides for general typesetting and for each individual language, our quality controllers are capable of ensuring the excellent quality output of our products. They sign off the project before either going to our post DTP linguists for review or directly to the client.

Post DTP Linguist Review (Per Client Request)

We have a list of linguists who are proficient in the languages we typeset documents in that review files for :
  • No residual broken phrases, sentences, or words
  • Correctness of punctuation
  • Integrity of text with respect to the source
  • Correct diacritical marks, accents and fonts
  • Characters in bolds, italic or other styles have been respected
  • Correct layout and integrity of text in tables, subtitles, figures or text boxes
  • Correct localization of figures, dates, acronyms and other elements in the target text


We never miss our deadlines. If we know a deadline is not achievable, we never commit to it. We try our best to fit our clients' needs while still keeping a realistic approach that guarantees that quality is never undermined. We have a commitment to accept projects that we are sure we can deliver. A project and its instructions are thoroughly checked before a confirmation of availability is sent. Despite our wide range of expertise and capabilities in delivering translation work in various fields, we still remember that doing quality work is more important than collecting all the PO's that come our way.

Project Management & Dedication

Assigned to every project is a dedicated project manager whose chief responsibility is keeping projects on track. It is the project manager's responsibility to work closely with clients to elicit their exact requirements for a new project, allocate the best team members to meet these requirements, build the project plan, and finally schedule delivery of the completed project. The project manager's agenda is the customer's milestones, his concern is the customer's quality expectations, and his performance is assessed by the level of customer satisfaction.

We also understand the importance of timeliness in our industry. We can guarantee client satisfaction with quick, timely and detail-oriented correspondence. These dedicated account managers work closely with clients to identify their needs and concerns. We take advantage of all available means of communication to ensure that clients are never out of touch with their project progress.

Clear Communication & Responsiveness

Since we understand that typesetting can be a difficult process where many things can turn up (missing links, missing font, problems in layout … etc.) we keep an open line of communication with our clients to let them know what is happening every step of the way. We communicate any difficulties the project may face and propose suggested solutions that help pave the way to smooth satisfactory output.

A healthy and open channel of communication is a prerequisite for rapid and high quality service; consequently every new client is assigned a personal dedicated account manager who becomes their key contact person throughout the whole account. He is available to answer any questions and fulfill all requests. The superb relationship between clients and their account managers is the cornerstone that guarantees the successful outcome of projects.

What we typeset

    • Books
    • Brochures
    • Business Cards
    • Flyers
    • Information Leaflets
    • Letterheads
    • Posters
    • Presentations
    • Product Sheets
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Our Tools

    • QuickSilver 2
    • AutoCAD (2-9)
    • Corel Draw (9-15)
    • Corel Ventura
    • Acrobat
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